Sunday, 13 April 2014

Skin Doctors T-Zone Control Range*

The Skin Doctors T-Zone Control Range* is designed to help reduce & tighten pores as well as reduce oil production. I think this may be a great first step into skincare for all you oily peeps of the world!

First up is the Daily Face Wash*, this is a paraben-free cleanser that helps to purify pores. It has a really nice consistency, almost like an oily gel, it foams slightly when it comes in contact with water, so has been working perfectly with my Magnitone Pulsar. It really dissolves away traces of make up and dirt on your face, but I have been tending to use this for a morning cleanser, as you really don't want to put this on or near your eye area, trust me it stings. It really gives your skin a good clean without making it feel tight or dry. It does have a slight scent, its nothing to offensive, it's actually quite fresh, again another reason why I like it as a morning cleanser. 

Can we please just discuss how nice the packaging of the moisturisers are! They are actually plastic but look like glass, so look very fancy sitting on my dressing table :) But onto the No More Oil Daily Moisturiser* itself, this helps to control oil productions which reduces the risk of excess shine throughout the day, which I have noticed, my skin looks more matte, I still get a slight shine on my forehead, but it has been reduced. This moisturiser absorbs beautifully into the skin and gives enough moisture to the skin without interfering with my make up. I absolutely love that it has a pump too! Again this has a slight scent, but its fresh and not offensive.

Last up, the No More Pores Night Cream*, this is a thick cream that helps to tighten pores. This is rich but doesn't irritate my skin at all, for skin pampering days, I use an oil first, then this and the next day my skin is glowing, not in a greasy way either, and plump. I have really enjoyed it, though I'm a bit unsure of the scent of this one, but I can get passed it, it's not overpowering at all. 

The range isn't really that expensive ranging from £15 to £25, which is the same as what you would pay at somewhere like Origins, so I think they are pretty reasonably priced. You can buy them from there website or Amazon.

Do you suffer with oily skin or large pores? Have you tried anything from Skin Doctors before?

*PR Sample