Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Real Techniques New 'Bold Metals' Brushes

Real Techniques Bold Metals

Talk about a big release for 2015! WOW, I tweeted about these and my twitter exploded. The very very talked about Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection have landed in the UK and they sold out almost instantly and I'm not surprised. The Pixiwoo gals have gone premium and with a price bracket of £10-£25 they are definitely not going to be affordable for everyone, but they explain why this is in more detail in this video here

So whats different about these to the regular line, other than the price? Well, visually they are a lot longer, they are metallic in colour and all round just damn beautiful to look at. The brush hairs are so super soft and you can tell a higher grade of synthetic has been used and when I say they are soft, its like OMG I could just sit here all day stroking my face with it, soft! 

I have 3 of the brushes from the line the, 200 Oval Shadow Brush, which is great for a sweep of colour across the lids but also great for blending out eyeshadow. The 300 Tapered Blush Brush, my least favourite of the 3 if I'm honest, its pretty small in size, so great for detail work but for my big cheeks just slightly on the small side, but does pick up a great amount of product and lastly and the star of the show for me is the 301 Flat Contour Brush, and oh my, its wonderful, its great with cream and powder products. I don't have anything else like this brush in my collection and I'm so glad I got it, if you like to contour you need this brush in your collection!!!

I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with the lovely ladies behind the Pixiwoo Empire and you know what, I know how incredibly hard they work on these products and how much love and dedication that also goes into it. So well done Sam & Nic another great release from you and I cannot wait to see what else follows this year! 

Ps- They clean up beautifully too!

Do you own any of the Real Techniques brushes? Which ones are your favourites?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Blush Hater, To Blush Lover

Six months ago, if you had told me to put some blusher on, I would have told you where to stick it. I couldn't stand blusher, I didn't want any red/pink tones on my skin, I wanted my foundation and maybe a bit of bronzer around the outline of face and that's all, blusher would never get a look in or even considered for that matter. But now? I feel naked without it.

What started it all off was actually when I got a Bourjois Cream Blusher in the Glamour Beauty Edit Box way back in July and ever since then my collection has slowly grown. My Bourjois one, which is nearly hitting pan, has taken a back seat as its more summery but has been quickly replaced with the likes of Tom Ford 'Wicked' Blush, Clinique Chubby Cheek in 'Plumped up Peony' and my favourite of the all and the one I buy or recommend everyone is the Clinique Cheek Pop in 'Ginger Pop'. It's so warmed toned and can be worn sheer or really built up for like a flushed look effect. Dark tone or light toned skin, doesn't matter, everyone needs it in their life.

I'm pretty sure my love for blush will continue to flourish this year and I best start looking for some more colours to add to my summer collection. I think another Cheek Pop or a Bobbi Brown blush may be next on the agenda. 

What is your favourite blusher? Do you love it or hate it? What blushers would you recommend I try?

Friday, 2 January 2015

Yearly Reflection | 2014

I don't really know where to even begin with this blog post, 2014 has been a total whirlwind. At the end of 2013 on this blog I recapped the year, here, saying that 2013 had been the best year to date and wondering what the next would bring. Well, 2014 blew last year out of the water. 2014 has been the year of personal growth and dedication...

January: My niece Harriet learnt to stand by herself, after being born with hip dysplasia & a club foot, we were overjoyed that these did not effect her movement, her first steps soon followed.
-January for me was a real significant starting point of a friendship with Rachel, who lives next door and is now my best friend. We live in each others pockets and I couldn't imagine her not in my life now. She makes me laugh to the point of tears and it doesn't how crap I'm feeling I know I can go around in my pjs and she will be there waiting with a glass of some form of alcohol. Thats friendship right there!

February: I got a message from Hollie, whom I had met at the Gok Wan event in November 2013, asking if I would like to meet her for dinner & go to an event together, I of course accepted & haven't looked back, we have an incredible friendship and she will be a life long friend.
-The big one though was I published my Surgery Journey online, there is a link to my story on my blog but it was published on 

May: Hollie & I visited the Anti-ageing Health & Beauty Show, where we got to meet Linda Lussardi and even got featured on IdealWorld TV!
- My Surgery Story was then printed in McIndoe's Anniversary Special news letter, something that was incredibly emotional to see written down in front of me. It was a real proud moment not only for me but my family too, it was like I was almost letting go of the past, the old me.
- The same month I met Lucie Lu. A fellow blogger and real life star, a friend for life and damn good cook...she's half Italian!!
- I met PIXIWOO!!! I spent 5 whole days with the Queens of make up, Sam, Nic & Stacey. Three of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They love with every inch of the body what they do and if I could work everyday in that office, I would. Read all about that experience, here.

July: I met Lily and Anna at their London Summer Picnic, it was incredible experience, a day that will stay with me forever. After everyone had left, a group of 5/6 of us sat and chatted, like we'd been friends for years, it was truly a great day.
- I was asked by one of my best friends to be chief bridesmaid...I said yes & I cried...alot.
- I started working for Clinique.

August: I attended Plus North in Leeds with Lucie & Hollie, I have some amazing memories of the weekend and made some more incredible friends.

September: I became a Counter Manager, best moment of my life.

December: I attended my first Christmas Party and had the evening of my life. I feel like I've made really good friends with all the people I work with, and I felt so care free, very unlike me.
- Christmas Eve I went to work dressed like a reindeer, make up and everything and I didn't care, I loved it.

Everything I've done this year; events, going away, starting a new job, pushing my boundaries, have all given me some form of anxiety, some more so than others, but I pushed have through them all. I haven't let it hold me back from the opportunities this year has bought me. I feel the strongest I have ever felt, still stressed though haha! Yes, horrible things have happened this year, like losing my Grandad and my niece being seriously ill but I'd rather not reflect on those things. I want to remember all of the positive changes I've made this year.

2014 has felt like a very successful year for me mentally. Mentally I feel strong and ready for 2015 and what that will bring. Shy, unsociable Nicole has been left behind and happy, more confident Nicole is in the driving seat and I'm loving it.

Goodbye've been amazing.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Beauty Sale Purchases

From the moment I got home from work on Christmas Eve till the end of Boxing day, I was searching through ever sale page on ever beauty website I could think of and the outcome was sheer disappointment. I just don't think the online sales were that good really, apart from Illamasqua but more to come on that soon...

So when I went back into work on Saturday, I thought I'd have a quick look around the store before it opened and I'm so glad I did because I managed to get hold some of proper good bargains.

I had already put to one side the Limited Edition YSL Wild Edition Couture Palette, at a bargain price of £21, I got leave it really, I know it means another neutral palette to add to already vast collection, but come on...its YSL! 

Then came Clarins, I actually picked up two All About Eyes set, which contain a full size mascara, a 3ml Eye Revive and a 4ml Instant Smooth and I'm pretty sure these were around £13 each! I picked up a full size Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser, so I could qualify for the free gift which fyi is amazing, you get to pick 3 deluxe samples, in Debenhams stores.

Lastly was the only thing I picked up and put back, coming in at still a pricey £32 was the LancĂ´me Brush Set, but after much, little, persuasion from the other girls, I added up buying them and I'm soooo glad I did, they come in a gorgeous travel bag and the brushes themselves are so soft but feel so luxurious, I almost don't want to use them. I also sneakily picked up a Mavala 002 Protective Base Coat for like a fiver. My nails are need of some help.

As mentioned early I did make a pretty amazing Illamasqua order, which is yet to arrive but don't worry a post shall be up as soon as it does, more eyeshadow goodness to come.

What purchases did you make in the sale? Any good beauty buys you found?