Sunday, 23 November 2014

Fashion | Feeling Vintage

I know, I know, shock! Nicole has is doing a fashion post! These are far and few between, but I actually wish they wasn't. I love fashion and read and follow a lot of fashion blogs but put me in front of the camera and I become very nervous. This Ann Harvey Cornelli Embroided Dress was just to good not to share.

The cut of this dress is very me, I like a loose fit dress, even if people say I could 'show of your curves women!' I just feel its like a safety blanket. That's weird isn't it? The style however was something out my comfort zone. I have seen many girls rock the vintage, swing style but me? I've never tried. So this dress almost felt a challenge and I think I pull it off actually ok, if I do say so myself ;) The only thing is, its very generous in material and I wished I had sized down, just to make it a little more slender. 

I have paired the Ann Harvey Cornelli Embroided Dress with my go to dark red lip, Rimmel 107 Lipstick, you no the one! A very old New Look clutch bag and my new favourite pumps, the ZARA Ballerina pumps from Butterfly Twists, who's shoes fold up perfectly into a tiny bag! Perfect if your a high heel wearer who's feet kill after 2 hours, you can chuck these into your clutch bag for a handy shoe change during the evening and are so super soft it won't feel like your wearing anything!

Overall I'm really happy with this outfit, I just love the little attention to detail on the dress and shoes and would make a great outfit for the Christmas Party or even your Christmas Day outfit, we all like to make an effort right?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

London Love & Your Chance To Win a Night Away!!

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I live rather near to London, only a 20 minute drive from the O2 Arena, so I should really visit it more often than I do, but I always like to plan out my day when it comes to a trip to London. There is so many things to do, places to see, eat & most importantly shop!

The vibe is obviously incredibly busy in London but that kind of fuels the love for me, the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street at Christmas time is something magical, see what I did there ;) My top 5 places to visit would definitely be the, Natural History & Science Museums, Selfridges, Neals Yard, Covent Garden and Harrods at Christmas time. I couldn't even list you places to eat because there are to many incredible places to eat, but if you google it, you will find tons.

London is also such a vast place, you wouldn't be able to fit everything in, in just one day. I would love to just spend a weekend in the heart of London to visit all of the tourist destinations and treat myself to a fancy dinner at the Ritz, a girl can dream right? 

Well that leads me onto how you win a night away...smooth transition there Nicole! Well Travel Lodge are giving you the chance for you and a friend or partner to win a nights stay away, anywhere you want to within the UK. So that could be a place you've always wanted to stay like London or a countryside retreat. 

You have 6 months to redeem your prize and it is subject to availability. I will contact the winner directly and inform them that they have won. I will then forward that email onto the person dealing with the competition. 


Where would you choose to stay? 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder

I have never really been into loose powders, I've always thought they were a mess that didn't do anything for my skin but the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder, has definitely been a turning point.

The super fine and lightweight powder is completely invisible on the skin but leaves my face looking more even in texture, blurs small pores and helps to keep my foundation looking fresher for longer. The product does some with a powder puff, which I have tried to use but we didn't really get along so I just tip a small amount into the lid and dip my brush in. 

Yes, it's a loose powder so you won't really get away from the messiness, and I wouldn't travel with it but its a great everyday powder and will work for all skin types, dry to the oiliest. It leaves the skin with a matte look but it's so incredibly lightweight, there is no cakiness in sight.

In my opinion, if your looking for a new setting powder, this may be the one you've been searching for! You can pick the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder up from for £17! They always have some form of offer on too.

What is your favourite setting powder? Do you prefer pressed or loose?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

High End Wish List #2

I don't why, but when I decide to have a spend up, I never actually go ahead and buy the things that are on my wish list, I do get 1 or 2 but never more than that. What do you do? Get it all or just lust after it? With Christmas vastly approaching, I thought it was about time I write up a new 'High End' wish list.

1. It makes a reappearance...the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder, the amount of times I have added this into my Space NK shopping basket but never managed to go ahead with the purchase is ridiculous. I just want damn cheek bones, without having to lost 10 stone haha! RRP £34

2. I know, I know, another neutral eye shadow, I think I have around 9 in my collection now, so do I really need the SmashBox Full Exposure Palette? Well obviously! What a stupid question! 7 mattes & 7 shimmers...come to momma! RRP £37

3. The newest drop from Nars and a Space NK exclusive is the Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette, yep, its sat in my shopping basket as we speak, I just know if I would use it but the packaging is to die for! Any one got this? What are your thoughts, I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on the pigmentation! RRP £45

4. Not going to say much on the Zoeva Rose Gold Collection Make up Brush Set apart from that they are stunning and I want them...ALOT! RRP £56.95

5. The Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is always a summer drop and mostly sold out now, but my Debenhams have 4 bottles left and it's just so tempting, I blame the coconut scent that I just want to smear all over my skin :) RRP £47

6. The Clarins Instant Concealer is circling on a lot of blogs at the moment, so bloggers being the natural enablers that they are, I now want it, I have been on the hunt for the perfect concealer and could this be the one? RRP £21 *It's cheaper on Escentual*

7. Last but not least is another returner, the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, the only reason that this hasn't been purchased yet, is because every time I go my local Nars counter, which is in a John Lewis, rather the consultant just ignores that anybody is there or there is actually nobody working. Which is kind of annoying... RRP £31

So that's what I am currently eyeing up, let me know your thoughts on my list! Whats on your high end wish list?