With summer quickly approaching, it means getting those, now scaly and very pale, legs out. So when this ROGER & GALLET Body Balm arrived in my post box I was overjoyed. This body balm has really been hitting the spot to rehydrate my skin.

There are three distinctive body balms in this new range; Replenishing, Resorting and Revitalising. I have the Fleur d'osmanthus Precious Revitalising Balm, the balm smells incredible!!!!! It contains floral notes combined with mandarin and grapefruit, so it has this real zesty edge to it and  feels incredibly uplifting, especially in the mornings and more importantly it leaves my skin feeling so silky and smooth, almost buttery, its divine.

All the of the body balms contain Shea Butter, Glycerin & Hyaluronic Acid, which we all know is great for our facial skin, so great if you have that dehydrated skin type. The balms are also rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 to help strengthen the skins natural barrier. I mean what more could you want from a body moisturiser really?

If you are also a fan of the Clarins Radiance Booster drops, these work amazingly well with the Revitalising Balm, as there is no fake tan smell and you're skin glows whilst being super soft. Amazing combination, 100% recommend giving it a go!


My Current Everyday Makeup Routine

We all have days, weeks or months were we use the same products on our face consistently, and right now that's what I've been doing. I would say the last solid 2/3 weeks I've used nothing but this choice of products and I just can't get enough!

For base I've invested in the very pricey Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation & honestly, I'm still not 100% sure how I feel, I'm being persistent with it and will keep you updated on this. Concealer of the moment is the Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer in 02 Light, followed by the Clinique Almost Powder SPF15 in 03 Light.

The Lorac Pro Palette hasn't left my side since I got it last September, its the best eyeshadow palette I've ever used, the matte shades are just amazing. If you can get hold of one, get it!!! I've been then following with the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer, topped with MaxFactors new mascara launch, the Voluptuous False Lash Effect, its got a huge plastic wand, that grips every eyelash for extreme volume yet natural separated lashes, I've been really enjoying it & paired with the primer, it lasts all day without flaking or smudging. 

The last 4 make up items, are solid staples, I can't remember the last time I didn't use them, the Clinique Superfine Brow Pencil in 02 Soft Brown, Clinique Just Browsing Brow Mousse, Clinique Sculptionary Cheek Palette in Defining Roses for blush & the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Natural Light, they just all add the finishing touches to my everyday make up routine. 

If you want a full review on that Tom Ford foundation, let me know in the comments below.



Some February Beauty Purchases

Cannot believe I forgot to even write a post on this, everybody loves a good haul post right?!? 

Lets chat Clinique first, as this is the main bulk of it, I re-purchased 2 of my favourite skincare products, the Clinique Clarifying Lotion (3) & Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. I am a great lover of the 3-Step cleansing system from Clinique, I talk more about this here, I've used it continuously for 2 years now and nothing compares to how my skin looks after. 

I also decided to pick up 2 new things from the brand, the Sculptwear Contouring Massage Cream Mask and matching Sonic Massaging Treatment Applicator, this launched exclusively to John Lewis & Fenwicks and will be out nationally in April time I believe. I will keep you updated on what this is like. 

Lastly from Clinique I picked up their Powder Foundation Brush, which is so soft and so multi-functional!! I use it for powder, bronzer, blusher and highlight, I could just walk around stroking my face with it to be honest. Give it a feel nice time you're near a Clinique Counter.

My last two purchases come from Estee Lauder & Bobbi Brown, after getting the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer in a E.L christmas cracker, I needed the full size in my life! It holds my straight, elephant eyelashes in a curl and makes any mascara waterproof, what more is there to love?

After watching the gorgeous Chloe Morello use the white Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in a video, I decided to do a bit more research and after much thought, I decided on the yellow tone. I've been using this to set concealer and it works brilliantly, stops creasing and just generally brightens those eye bags. 

What have you purchased recently??



Fitness Update #1

Fitness update

So as I mentioned in Sunday's blog post, today I had my first proper session with my Personal Trainer Jane and oh my...it was HARD!!

We done a mix of Stretching, Suspension Training, Pilates & Yoga, really focusing on my core. I really want to cover that suspension training, basically its two ropes/ straps hanging from the ceiling and you use it to do pull ups and press ups and can I just say its the hardest thing I've ever done!!! We done a type of lunge where I had to push myself back up to a standing position...I thought my arms may snap, I had no idea I was so weak! Having had a Breast Augmentation, my chest muscle has been weakened but I cannot wait to see my strength grow back to what it was before. Another great moment for me, is stepping on the scales to find I've lost 4.5lb since Sunday & I put this purely down to cutting out bread, feeling super proud that I manage to stick to it haha!

I had my workout at 11am this morning and now its nearly 6pm, I've moaned nearly all day about how much I ache, my hips especially, we've discovered a slight alignment issue with them so the muscle isn't great around my joints, but I've been given exercises by Jane to do at home as much as I can to really stretch out that area and make it less painful.

I definitely enjoyed coming home and having a huge bacon, mushroom, tomato and cheese omelette followed by a very relaxing bath.

Overall I'm really positive and still very motivated to shed to weight in a very controlled and healthy way. Next up this week is a full Pilate's class on Thursday night, I won't bore you with a full post on this but keep an eye out on my Twitter to find out how it goes.



Entering The World of Fitness

weight loss journey

All my life, my weight has bothered me and its been a constant YoYo. I've gotten myself in a nasty cycle of comfort eating to help suppress my depression & anxiety, something which I've never really discussed publicly. Well that is all about to change...I've got myself a personal trainer.

Today, Sunday 21st February 2016, I entered her studio for a full assessment, lasting 45 minutes, we covered everything from my measurements to my end goals. I felt totally at ease and excited for my new 'life journey'...cringe but true! 

So I've decided to document my progress on the blog, from weight loss, recipes and honest write ups on how I'm feeling and the truth behind shedding the pounds. 

The plan is to work out with her twice a week, one PT session and one session of Pilates all in the comfort of her own private studio, so I can relax and not worry about people judging me...its only me. 

If there are any questions you have about the sessions, please leave those below or if you have any food suggestions/ recipes you can also leave these in the comments box. 

Let the journey begin...



The Perfect Vichy DermaBlend Base

It's taken a while to get this review up, because if I'm honest I was so happy with my foundation at the time this arrived, it kind of got chucked into a draw and forgotten about until about 3 weeks ago. I've completely fallen out of love with all my base products, they all seem to look caky or isn't lasting on my skin. So whilst having a clear out I came across the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation

It's been all I've used lately and I cannot get enough of it!!!! Its a full coverage foundation with 16hr wear and its completely weightless, it feels amazing to wear, and I love how my skin looks with it on...flawless comes to mind. I have to have my makeup on for around 8-12 hours and it doesn't budge, it is slightly on the dark side for me, I could do with the next shade down which is Opal, but with an extra bit of blending I can rock it, people have even said I look more radiant and slightly tanned.

I've been setting it down with a powder I've raved about before on the blog, the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder, read a full review here

I think I'm definitely going to invest in the Opal and give that a go and then I can always mix the two to transition me into my summer shade, which I think the 25 Nude would be better suited to. This base is getting a massive thumbs up from me and it 100% worth a try! 

Whats your current base favourite?



An Introduction To Decléor

I have heard a lot about the brand Decléor but never ventured into trying it, we all get stuck sometimes in our skincare regime whether it works for us or not. So when I was given the chance to try out a Purifying Starter Kit from the brand, I knew it was about time.

The Decléor Set contains 5 products and works in a 3 step system;

Step 1: Cleanse & Tone 
Step 2: Treat & Protect
Step 3: Regenerate

Both the Aroma Cleanser and Toner are very fresh on the skin and are very non drying, the cleanser is a gel type constancy but turns very mousse like on contact with water, something I really enjoyed, my skin felt very radiant and clean after use. The Aroma Toner is amazing, it has mattifying particulars to soak up excess sebum on the skins surface, perfect if you tend to be a bit on the oily side, or if you suffer with blemishes.

The Aromessence Ylang Ylang Purifying Serum was the stand out product for me, its non-greasy, it controls excess sebum by being purifying, helps target impurities all whilst giving me an amazing healthy glow and not leaving my skin feeling like an oily sticky mess...WIN! I then followed this with the Aroma Pureté, which is a form of moisturiser, its a very lightweight fluid that controls shine, tighten pores and refines the skins texture, whilst packing in a decent amount of hydration. 

Last but certainly not least is the Aroma Night Purifying Night Balm, this for me, was a bit much in scent due to the Essential Oils, so instead I used it as a type of face mask to amp up the radiance and hydration in my skin when it was feeling a little dehydrated from the change in weather. 

Overall I have been seriously impressed with the brand and the fact they are 100% Pure & Natural and a lot of their products, if not all are Paraben Free gets them serious brownie points!! I think, I'm definitely going to have to book in for a facial with them, I hear they are to die for. 

You can shop the whole Decléor range at BeautyExpert.com

Have you ever tried the brand Decléor? If so, what would you recommend & why?



Home Decor Lusting

I don't know about you, but I feel that I hit a certain age in my life and suddenly home furnishing and decor is all I think about, from browsing the web to wondering around countless shops, IKEA mainly, just lusting over things I would put in my own home. (I still live with my parents)

Little fact about me is that I was meant to go to Uni to study Architecture & Interior Design, I was offering a place on the spot, but decided last minute, it really wasn't me, it wasn't what I wanted. So I decided to an Open Course in Interior Design from home alongside working. The has been and will continue to be that one day I will design & build my own home and its something I feel passionate about. So from time to time I make little interior mood boards or wish lists and today's is no exception, I have put together pieces from places such as IKEA, Debenhams, Oliver Bonas & H&M Home. 

The LIATORP Console Table from IKEA is absolutely stunning, especially in the grey and the Oliver Bonas Copper & Glass Votive Lantern would look amazing placed on top filled with some unlit candles but having the Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Room Diffuser there too, to kick of a scent, and these seriously fill a room. 

Fake flowers are always a great little touch too, I have a few in my bedroom but I really want to add more, it just makes it a bit more fresh and girly without having to replace fresh flowers every week which can get expensive, you can pick these up dead cheap in IKEA. 

Grey is still going to be an on going trend this year for the home, alongside white and cool tones. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

What is on your home decor wish list? What colour schemes do you like?